Spontaneous Generation Groups

Spontaneous Generation UPV

If you are a UPV student looking to be part of a group of passionate people; If you are looking to get involved in something beyond the academic classes; If you have a dream to fulfill and want to have fun, make friends, compete and gain experience…

WHAT IS GE UPV? The GE program is a launch pad for initiatives that come entirely from the university’s students. It maximizes the much-acclaimed transversal competencies and the figure of the student-mentor. More about the programhere

GE groups in your center

Spontaneous Generation is composed of more than 2,000 students, including UPV students, alumni, professors, professionals and students from other universities in Valencia, Spain and internationally. Organized in more than 50 groups, the teams have the support of the UPV and the university community to make their dreams a reality. The groups formed by ETSEAMN students are:

Fornejant Ciència

Fornejant Ciència is a group of students who want to learn beyond the classroom. We carry out activities related to the agri-food sector such as tastings or visits to companies among others. In addition, we give students the opportunity to participate in the food innovation contest Ecotrophelia, for which teams create an eco-innovative product to be presented to a jury of experts. We invite everyone who is curious about the agri-food sector to join us and discover all that this world has to offer.


We are µEngineers a group of students from a wide variety of degrees who have a common goal: to use our knowledge to improve microbiology laboratories.

In our team anyone can contribute their grain of sand, the most important thing is that they have initiative and passion to apply what they learn in their career to improve the world through a field as horizontal and vital to society as microbiology.


Among our activities as a team, we carry out awareness campaigns in favor of a sustainable textile industry such as the realization of a clothing exchange at the UPV. We plan training, awareness and advocacy activities on responsible and sustainable production and consumption in the agri-food industry.


We are currently a new group so we encourage you to join and help build what we hope will be one of the most active and diverse groups in the Spontaneous Generation program.