What is Systems Engineering and Automation?

“Systems engineering, control, and automation” is an interdisciplinary technological area related to many other fields, mainly mathematics, physics, electronics, and computer science. It is in charge of the conception and development of systems so that they function autonomously, with little or no human intervention.

Teaching in automation, process control and optimization, robotics and artificial vision, simulation of dynamic systems, flexible manufacturing, etc… within the Polytechnic University of Valencia is undertaken by the Department of Systems Engineering and Automation (DISA)

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What are its applications?

The applications of systems engineering and automation engineering are broad: from manufacturing technologies, process monitoring and supervision, and robotics to economics and sociology.

Automatic control is generally applied in electronic and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, automotive, aeronautics, and aerospace… Typical applications are, for example, the autopilot of airplanes and ships, or ABS and other driving assistance systems of automobiles.

How important is it?

It is a horizontal scientific and technological discipline vital for solving problems of automation, control and regulation of processes, as well as decision and optimization ones in diverse technological areas.

Nowadays, competence in the area topics is crucial in training industry-related engineering and computer science students.

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