UPV Card

The Universitat Politècnica de València is committed to the reduction of carbon footprint and the decrease of the use of plastic. For this reason, the accreditation process is changed for the entire UPV university community. The new form of accreditation will be through the “UPV Card”.

The “Carnet UPV” will be in digital format through the app “MIUPV” and will convert with the current TUI card.

The university community will mainly use the “MIUPV” app for identification/accreditation services.

Know the UPV card

How to register with the app MIUPV

First of all, you will have to bid your photo from the option” photography” in the menu of your intranet (Photography instruction UPV). You can also do it by using the app “MIUPV”.

Failure to have it validated may result, after a waiting period, in the automatic deactivation of the accreditation.

Download the MIUPV app

Other things of interest

As a complement to all this, on the intranet (or extranet) you can access your user information:

  • If you belong to the PAS, PDI, PI or you are a member of the Social Council and you need to have a physical card, you have to apply for it through a poli[Sol·licita].
  • Click on the item UPV Card and you will find a list of your most recent accreditations.
  • In the section Relationship with the UPV, you will find details of the means that the UPV has at your disposal depending on the group to which you belong.