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Rules of use of the group study rooms
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Those Libraries that have group study rooms for group work or group study shall follow the following rules:

  • The group study rooms are for academic use only, excluding any activity that may disturb the study environment of the rooms.

  • After use, the group study rooms must be left clean and tidy, with the furniture in the same conditions prior to its use.

  • The tone of voice must be moderate at all times in the study rooms. Raising the voice in excess may be grounds for a restriction of use of library services.

  • Non-borrowed bibliographic material used must be returned to its corresponding shelf or to the places intended for that purpose, as the case may be.

  • The library is not responsible for any valuables that may be left inside.

  • The group study room may not be left empty for more than 30 minutes, or up to 60 minutes in the time band between 13 to 16 h.

  • Study rooms users may be expelled from the group study rooms by Library staff if they deem proper use of the facilities is being made.

  • Group study rooms cannot be used if the maximum number of users allowed in each Library is exceeded, unless expressly authorised by the library staff.

  • Under no circumstances may the booth be used if the minimum number of users established in each Library is not present.


Minimum of users

Central Library


Agronomic Engineering Library


Computing and Documentation Library


ETS Civil Engineering Library


Faculty of Fine Arts Library


Gandia Campus Library - CRAI


Alcoy Campus Library


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