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Optic and Quantum Communications – Implementation of WDM networks and fiber optic systems for broadband applications - Systems of hybrid communications radio-optic fiber - Design of photonic devices, components and nano chips for information processing in the optic field, emphasizing the components aimed at radio frequency and microwave signal processing for civil and defense applications, and the devices for broadband DWDM networks - Optic Internet or package routing using optic labels - Fiber optic networks for cable TV applications - Sensor design for continuous monitoring of civil engineering structures (buildings , bridges ) and avionics -Quantum communication systems .
Mobile Communications and Multimedia Signal Transmission - Propagation studies using techniques of propagation and channel modeling - Development of applications and services in mobile networks - Resource optimization in mobile communication networks - Intelligent fire detection and perimeter security with thermic sensors - Study and development of UWB systems (Ultra Wide Band) – Research on new architectures for  the third-generation radio access networks and  their integration with wireless networks - Evaluation and integration of audio and video encoders - Synchronization of multimedia streams and development of adaptive algorithms - Implementation of multimedia applications for distance learning , collaborative work, medicine and mobile networks. Evaluation of performance and impact of multimedia technology in these fields.
Audio Processing and Communications  - Research and development of sound digital processing techniques - Development and integration of new audiovisual systems and virtual reality - Design of active sound control systems and vibrations - Psychoacoustics applied to the evaluation, measurement and improvement of sound quality - Quality control in production line by computer vision - Signal processing applications in the field of digital communications - Design and evaluation of digital processing algorithms for 3G and 4G mobile communications - Communication technologies and signal processing applied to the control of natural and rural areas - Integration of GPS / GIS / Mobile / Internet systems for applications such as fleet management , remote control of machinery and telemedicine - Development of signal processing applications for wireless communications - Remote control of instrumentation and virtual instrumentation - WAP application development .

Microwave Applications to Communications and Electromagnetic Radiation - Practical design of passive microwave circuits and antennas for radio communication systems - Development of algorithms for the automated design of passive microwave circuits and antennas - Analysis of passive microwave circuits in guided and printed  technology - Study of problems in electromagnetic spread and its application to the analysis of antennas - Advanced telecommunication technologies applied to the analysis and design of microwave devices - Development and implementation of satellite communication systems - Analysis of passive structures based on Metamaterials and MEMS - Estimate of the Dielectric and Magnetic properties of Materials - Processing and  transmission of SAR data for Earth observation - Design and analysis of new antennas for mobile and satellite communications - Electromagnetic characterization of radiant systems in complex platforms - Antenna measurement in anechoic camera from 1 GHz on - Design and development of radio communication systems - Techniques for wave propagation analysis and application to the design of new mobile phone systems and high frequency - Wave propagation analysis and measurement of radiation levels.
Signal Processing - Infrared signal processing –Ultrasonic signal processing for quality control of materials such as ceramics , concrete and marble - Video compression techniques intended for improving the compression efficiency at very low bit rate particularly - Restoration of images and old movies - Signal watermarks for the authentication and identification of signals and protection of intellectual property rights - Quality control systems with computer vision – Processing of laser signals – ultrasounds for contactless quality control - Digital processing of multimedia information - Digital analysis for the detection , characterization and classification of objects in images - Retrieval and indexing of multimedia information .
Communication networks : evaluation of performance, content distribution, command and control systems. - Traffic engineering and performance evaluation of communication networks . - Content Distribution Networks  - Video Streaming structured networks – Sensor semantic networks - Economy and regulation of telecommunications - Information systems for command and control for emergency management- Pull-down communications for emergency management - Integration of sensor networks in information systems for command and control - Interconnection of real world with virtual worlds applied to training in emergency management.
Microwave Systems and Electromagnetic Compatibility
Design of Circuits, Microwave Subsystems and RF - Microwave frequency Measures - Nondestructive Detection  - Microwave Sensors - Heating by Microwaves.

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