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The Diploma Supplement (DS) established by RD 1044/2003, 1 August (BOE 11/09/03) and by RD 22/2015 23 January (BOE 7/02/2015) is a document accompanying official degrees and is valid throughout the Spanish territory, with unified and personalised information for each holder on the most relevant aspects of their university degree, on the level and content of the lessons they have studied.

As part of the process of convergence, within education, that have taken place in the European Union and the countries associated with it, the DS is justified by the diversity of teaching and university programmes, the difficulties in their recognition, increased mobility of citizens and insufficient information provided by the degree certificates. It is, therefore, a document that adds information to the degree certificates that will be increasingly more necessary, in order for university students to benefit, upon completion of their studies, from the advantages it implies for their academic and professional mobility.

Students at the Universitat Politècnica de València are given the DS free of charge without explicit request, since all students are issued the DS together with its corresponding degree certificate.

Once issued, the DS is sent to the address of the holder, free of charge.

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Diploma Supplement (DS)

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