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The main objective is the training of researchers and highly qualified professionals in the fields of knowledge areas related to Signal Theory and Communications and Telematic Engineering. In particular the Master will deep in:

  • The digital signal processing communications and multimedia.

  • The radio frequency and aerospace engineering.

  • The design and performance evaluation of fixed and mobile network communications.

  • Engineering data transmission through optical networks, mobile or microwave links.

  • The latest trends in advanced network technologies that enable the development of multiservice networks and applications using real-time requirements.

  • System integration.

  • The implementation of such technologies towards the development of the information society.

In addition the objective is to train researchers and highly skilled professionals in the following fields:

  • Elements and subsystems design which form part of a communication system.

  • Generation, propagation and detection techniques of electromagnetic signals propagating through open and guided media.

  • In general, signal processing (image, voice, audio, infrared, ultrasonic, sonar, etc.) like communications.

  • Design, implementation and performance evaluation of fixed and mobile communication networks, which are a part of the Information Society.

  • Knowledge and design about distributed real-time systems, in particular architectures and protocols for multimedia communication, distribution and safety.

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