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Integrated Employment Service under the Directorate's Office of Employment, is the national promoter and manager of all initiatives taken in employment at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and aims to contribute to better employability of its graduates. The aim is to provide a comprehensive service, useful for students and useful for companies in order to facilitate the transition students from the University at the workplace and help businesses located in the Polytechnic University of Valencia the most qualified professionals that need to be developed further in the current context of globalization.


> Internship
Practical work and final thesis projects in enterprises and institutions under the Cooperative Education Program.

Practicas en empresa

> Abroad Internship
Facilitate work experience in companies located outside the national territory

Practicas en el extranjero

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> Management Jobs
Labor mediation between businesses, students and graduates, by managing offers and job applications.

Gestion de empleo

> Vocational Guidance and Training for Employment
Supporting students and recent graduates in the job placement process and provide training in skills development.

Orientacion Formacion
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> Employment Center
Studies monitoring the process of job placement of graduates.

Observatorio empleo

> Business Chairs
Management agreements for the establishment of Chairs of Business at the UPV.

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Other activities

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