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Master's Degree in Telecommunication Technologies, Systems and Networks Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Master's Degree in Telecommunication Technologies, Systems and Networks

60 credits

Give access to scholarships

30 openings


The progress of telecommunications in recent decades has been one of the key factors in the evolution of society in all areas. This Master trains highly qualified professionals in the area of Information Technology and Communications, with special emphasis in Signal theory, Communications and Telematic Engineering.


The contents of this Master include digital signal processing communications and multimedia contents, RF and aerospace engineering, design and evaluation of performance in mobile and fixed communications networks, engineering data transmission over optical networks, mobile phones or microwave links and, in general, the latest trends in advanced network technologies that enable the development of multiservice networks and real-time applications and their application for the development of the information society.

- One-year official University Master.
- Updated and high quality contents in all areas of Telecommunications.
- Specialization according to the student interests by the proper selection of courses.
- Classes are available both in English or Spanish.
- State of the art technical knowledge.
- Research on cutting edge technologies and infraestructures.
- Work in technological spin-off companies at the UPV.
- Opportunity for a Dual Honours along with the 2-year Master in Telecom Engineering at UPV and also with the Technische Hochschüle Köln.
- Become a member of UPV, the only Spanish technological University that appears in all the International rankings (Shanghai, QS, THE) and ranked as the first Spanish one regarding research and technological development.

Who can apply?

Graduate students and engineers in Telecommunications, Computer, Physics or Industrial sciences(electronics).

Professionals with experience in the Communication and Information Technologies field.

Admission criteria

  • Qualifications
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Interest and Profile Adaptation
  • Research and professional experience

The Master's Academic Committee will regulate the admission of students. The criteria which will be evaluated are: the academic file of the student, the candidate's profile affinity with the contents of the master and additionally professional and research experience.


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