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9. Linguistic transparency


Linguistic transparency involves announcing which language the people overseeing or leading an activity will use before the start of the activity.

Two fundamental areas of application can be defined within university life:

* Linguistic transparency in teaching by which, when enrolment starts for official qualifications, it is announced which language the teachers will use in the classroom for each course.

* Linguistic transparency in university activity, which refers to maintaining the use of the language that, according to announcements, will be used in a conference, a lifelong learning course, a training course for administrative and service staff or any other type of university activity.

The UPV must ensure that the activities conducted there are held in the language that was previously announced. As such, the working language for an activity is not subject to negotiation or modification, but rather it is binding, as the language in which each activity is conducted is public information that must be known in advance. Failure to meet this requirement would generate linguistic uncertainty among the members of the university community.

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