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Self-training through virtual classrooms

Virtual classrooms are spaces in the Poliformat platform that offer members of the UPV community the possibility of self-training in Valencian with the support of an advisor.

The Office of Language Planning (SPNL) will not issue any of certificate to those registered in these self-training spaces.


The form can be accessed from 1 October to 30 June: Form
Registered students will receive a message informing them that they have been registered in the corresponding virtual classroom.

Work in the virtual classrooms

There is self-learning material for the B2, C1 and C2 levels, consisting of:

- More than 150 self-correcting activities for each level, divided into three blocks: spelling, morphosyntax and vocabulary.

- Three final tests on the contents of those three blocks, respectively, and a global test that evaluates all the virtual classroom’s contents.

- Written expression activities (in the "Redaccions" menu) and assessment by e-mail.

- In the "Mòduls" menu you will find the spelling, morphosyntax and vocabulary contents corresponding to this level, together with self-correcting activities that will allow you to practise the knowledge that you have just acquired.

- Video grammar lessons (Polimèdia), dictations, the Plèiades radio show and other resources for improving your oral expression.

-Materials to help you plan and monitor your learning.

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