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Courses and other training


The language training services that we offer to UPV staff are Valencian language courses, tutorials for faculty and research staff, and conversation groups. This training can be synchronous (through Teams, or face-to-face at each UPV campus) or asynchronous (through the PoliformaT platform).


-       Valencian courses


Synchronous courses combine hours of class attendance (either face-to-face or via videoconference) with hours of independent work in the PoliformaT virtual environment.

Asynchronous courses consist of autonomous online work in the PoliformaT virtual environment and tutoring by the professor.

Courses comprise 60 hours, and are offered twice in any one academic year: in the first term (September to December) and in the second term (February to May). A certificate of proficiency in the previous level or, alternatively, a certificate of completion of the previous-level course is required to access the courses.

A certificate of completion will be issued provided that the previously published requirements are met.




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-       Tutorials for faculty and research staff


Customized training combining classroom learning (30 half-hour weekly sessions monitoring individual student work) and independent work with self-assessment material. Announced from 1 to 15 October.


Information (announcement and registration)


-       Conversation groups


An activity aimed at improving oral fluency in Valencian, promoting conversational exchange, encouraging students’ self-assessment (both in reading aloud and in speaking) and providing guidance for preparing language accreditation tests.


Information (Announcement and registration)


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