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The SPNL offers you the opportunity to improve oral expression in Valencian through conversation groups.


The SPNL offers you the possibility of improving oral expression in Valencian, promoting conversational exchange, encouraging self-assessment of reading aloud and oral expression and guiding people to prepare the oral tests of the exams of the UPV, both in the face-to-face and on-line modality. There is a call for each semester: during the second fortnight of the month of September and the month of February.

Conversation groups are addressed to UPV members (students, teaching and research staff, administration and services staff and members of the UPV Alumni). The service is free, but it is necessary to attend 80% of the classes, so that it can be enjoyed in the following call. Assistance to conversation groups does not entitle you to obtain any certificate of assistance.

General information about conversation groups

Call for the conversation groups

Online registration through the form: Registration in the conversation groups The form will be available on February the 18th.

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