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Study and work spaces

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The Library defines itself as a Centre for Learning and Research Resources, and our resources include spaces for consultation and study with a variety of characteristics and functions so they can be tailored to your needs as closely as possible. There are rooms for individual study, intensive study (absolute silence), areas for group work and spaces for training sessions and the use of multimedia material.

We also want our spaces to be increasingly accessible and so in all the libraries you will find adaptive workstations.

We recommend you check the rules of use of the study rooms.

Valencia Campus. Libraries. Map General Study Group Study Rooms Special Rooms

Silent Study*:

- Ciencia (138 workstations)

- Técnica (183)

Quiet Study:

- Información (270)

- Cultura (190)

Total: 781 workstations (18 adaptive)

Collaborative Study:

- La Tierra (120)

- La Humanidad (68)

Total: 188 workstations (4 adaptive)

Study Rooms:

- Cultura (33 of 4; 1 of 8)

Total: 140 workstations (4 adaptive)

School of Enterprise Management-Topography Library

Total: 77 workstations

Free access group study class

Total: 28 workstations

Agricultural Engineering

Desks with power outlets

Total: 215 workstations (4 adaptive)

Study Rooms: 12 (1 adaptive)

Total: 76 workstations

Informatics and Documentation “Enric Valor”

Desks with power outlets

Total: 202 workstations (4 adaptive)

Study Rooms: 1

Total: 8 workstations

Building Engineering Management Library

Total: 89 workstations (17 individual)

Design Engineering

Total: 200 workstations (3 adaptive)

Group study area: School of Design Engineering (ETSID) “Pasarela” space

Civil Engineering

Total: 74 workstations

- 38 in collective tables

- 36 in individual tables (4 adaptive)

Study Rooms: 4

Total: 40 workstations

Multipurpose room: work and training space

Total: 10 workstations

Industrial Engineering

Total: 232 workstations (30 individual)(3 adaptive)

Fine Arts

Total: 126 workstations (2 adaptive)

Study Rooms: 4 (1 adaptive)

Total: 24 workstations

Media library. Multipurpose space. Class and computer areas

Total: 60 workstations

Gandía-CRAI Campus Library

Total: 282 workstations (7 adaptive)

Study Rooms: 6

Group Study Rooms: 3

Research Study Rooms: 4 (1 adaptive)

Total: 92 workstations

Master’s degree projects and theses room

Newspaper and periodicals library

Total: 36 workstations

Alcoi Campus Library

Total: 211 workstations (10 adaptive)

Study Rooms: 6

Total: 32 workstations

*Desks without power outlets

For further information go to Policonsulta.

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