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Préstamo interbibliotecario y obtención de documentos
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préstamo interbibliotecario

The interlibrary lending service can be used to obtain a document not held in UPV collections, but available from another library anywhere in the world.

Provision of this service is determined by current copyright legislation, licences signed between UPV and publishers and the terms and conditions of the issuing centre.

Documents requested through this service may only be used for private, teaching or research purposes. Copying and use shall comply with current legislation and intellectual property rights.

Using the Service

To start using the service you must register by completing the form.

You can request copies of journal articles, chapters or parts of books, conference presentations and papers.

This service can also be used to request copies of articles from journals held in paper format at other UPV campuses.

Applications are processed through the Interlibrary Loan form.

It is important to fill in as many fields on the form as possible to facilitate identification and location:

  • Publication: title of the journal or book

  • Article or chapter: title of the article or chapter being requested.

  • If you know the DOI or the Medline identifier (PMID), just put one of them in the corresponding field and you won’t need to enter the other bibliographic data.

Document delivery

Copies of articles, book chapters, etc. shall preferably be delivered in electronic format (PDF) unless copyright restrictions or publisher terms and conditions specify printed versions. In such cases, users must go to the library in person to collect the document.

In all cases, users will receive an email to notify them that the document has arrived.

Consult the fees for getting documents through the Interlibrary Lending Service.


Further information

For all queries and consultations contact us by email to prest@bib.upv.es, or call 96 387 70 83 or UPV extensions 78830 and 78833.

For further information go to Policonsulta.

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