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Service exclusively provided for teaching, research and administrative staff at Valencian public universities (UV, UA, UJI, UMH and UPV) as part of the Campus of International Excellence project, Campus Habitat 5U. The participating universities have signed a Framework agreement committing themselves to the joint development and use of library services.

Library resources can be loaned under the Rules, terms and conditions specified in the agreement.

PIV5U service conditions

Who can use this service?

Teaching, research and administrative staff who have signed up for the service through their own university. UPV users must sign up by completing form PIV5U.

How many documents and for how long?

Type of material

Each university may exclude some types of documents from loan: Bibliography with high student demand, laptops, study cabins, etc.

Loan period

15 days

Max. copies






Some libraries may add copies and days to the loan period.


Users must sign up for each university where they wish to use the loan service through the web application at their university of origin. When they have been admitted at the destination university, they will receive a confirmation email. From then on, they may go in person and, after identifying themselves, use the service.

You should consult the opening hours and catalogues of the libraries you wish to visit, and also items excluded from loan before you visit the library. Users promise to return items within the specified period to the library they were borrowed from.


This service is free of charge.

And what if the teaching, research or administrative member of staff is from another Valencian public university?

If the teaching, research or administrative staff member is from another Valencian public university and wishes to borrow books from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia they must sign up first with the form from their university

Form Universitat de València

Form Universitat d'Alacant

Form Universitat Jaume I

Form Universidad Miguel Hernández


For further information go to Ask a librarian service

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