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Conexión a la red de la UPV

Access to electronic journals and databases from home or from an off-campus computer

The UPV Library’s collection offer many electronic resources (journals, databases, ebooks...) that you can find in PoliBuscador.

In order to access the databases, books and electronic journals, you must be connected to the university network, as user identification is carried out by IP address. So, in order to access we must create a virtual private network (VPN). Instruction on how to create it can be found in Infoaccess.

In addition, some of these electronic resources also allow access with our UPV user and password, without having to create any network, through the RedIris Resource Identity Service (SIR). The following list includes these resources and how to connect. You can access from PoliBuscador, once identified and entering the electronic resource file at "Accede a este recurso desde fuera de la UPV utilizando el Servicio de Identidad de Recursos de RedIris (SIR)"

Connecting to the Internet in the Library

The Library provides various computers with Internet access for users to consult digital information sources, databases, electronic journals, etc. On these computers users from the university may consult their emails and use office applications.

The Library also has a wireless network for users with their own laptop computer and WiFi card or any wireless device that permits this type of connection. Further information.

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