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ESSENCE International Conference
Staff training week 2015

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This conference is an activity planned in the ESSENCE project: ¿European Sustainable Solutions for Existing and New City Environments¿.

The purpose of Essence (European Sustainable Solutions for Existing and New City Environments) is to encourage the development of sustainable cities, Close cooperation between higher education and regional authorities (such as municipalities and companies) is essential. Three municipalities, Utrecht (Netherlands), Turku (Finland) and Alcoy (Spain), have now made a commitment to Essence.

The project focuses on innovative, international education, with particular attention on blended learning, the use of creative tools in lessons, an interdisciplinary approach and the promotion of entrepreneurship in learning. This should mean that it will make a real impact in the region, as well as outside it. In concrete terms, an international course entitled Smart Sustainable Cities will be developed as part of the project. This is consistent with the ambitions of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrechts Smart Sustainable Cities Centre of Expertise, which was established with the universities partners a few months ago. Various teaching practice sessions will take place in this context, with short workshops and events, using attractive teaching methods such as an international student competition.

During the project (which will last for 3 years), knowledge and experience will be shared through meetings, publications and a website. The New Energy in the City research group, which is affiliated to the Smart Sustainable Cities Centre of Expertise, will coordinate the project. The contact for Essence at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is Erlijn Eweg.

Application Deadline: 11th September


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