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Academical exchange

Working together with you

The ALCOI Campus activities are not only focused in academical exchange but also in collaborating and working hand by hand with our colleagues all around the world. In this sense, this section shows to our visitors a little sample of interesting experiences that have enriched our lifes and changed our minds. The opportunity of getting a double degree endorsed by two prestigious Universities, the absorbing experience of co-working with colleagues from three different countries within the scope of the Erasmus Intensive Program or the surprisingly funny and interesting fact of keep on studying with our summer programs are some of the International Projects that you will find in this section. Open your mind and enjoy your web browsing!

Our partners

We have been privileged cooperating in both academical and research issues together with many Universities all around Europe and a few less outside of Europe. In this section you will be able to find some of our fun experiences and best collaborations.

Check the universities we work hand in hand to our students with Erasmus destinations:

Or visit Erasmus grants link to more information about outgoing students grants.

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