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Health Inssurance

Exchange students at UPV must have adequate health coverage during their stay in Spain.
EU/EEA/Swiss students are generally covered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Please ask your national health insurance provider.
If you cannot obtain the EHIC, you must present proof of an alternative insurance policy, normally from a private insurance provider.

UPV does NOT ACCEPT any international exchange student without valid health insurance. Proof of health insurance will be requested t the time of enrollment (registration) as an exchange student. If cannot submit the EHIC, you will be required to provide a document with the requirements explained below

UPV Minimum requirements:
1. Medical benefits,at least 50.000 EUR in case of accident or disease (medical and pharmaceutical expenses, hospitalization).
2. Emergency transport to home country when necessary in case of disease or injury WITH A MINIMUM OF 50.000 EUR.
3. Transport or repatriation of remains to home country WITH A MINIMUM OF 50.000 EUR.
3. Any document must have your name on it, be valid until the end of your stay in Spain and include a reference to the area of coverage (Spain, Europe or worldwide).

Universitat Politècnica de València is one of the Spanish universities with an agreement with the insurance provider ONCAMPUS offering an insurance policy that covers the minimum requirements. This insurance only covers medical expenses in Spain.


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