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Health Inssurance

Exchange students at UPV must have adequate health coverage during their stay in Spain.
EU students are generally covered by the EHIC or E128 form obtained in the home country.
If you have not access to any of the above options you can obtain health coverage through a contract with a private insurance company.
UPV does NOT ACCEPT any Foreign Exchange Student without a valid health insurance. This must be proved at the time of enrollment (registration) as an exchange student.
UPV Minimum requirements:
1. Medical benefits of at least 50.000 Euros due to accident or illness of the Exchange Student.
2. Transport or repatriation to his/her home country in case of illness or injury of the Exchange Student of an unlimited amount.
3. Transport or repatriation of the deceased insured of an unlimited amount.

Universitat Politècnica de València is one of the Spanish universities with an agreement with Oncampus, a company specialized in insurances for students and university staff offering an insurance that covers the UPV minimum requirements.
The current price is 69 ¿ for a maximum of 12 months and the insurance coverage description as well as procedure to purchase it is available at:

EMAS upv