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How to apply

Application procedure

Greetings from UPV Campus d'Alcoi, Spain!

Thank you for your interest in Campus d’Alcoi. We are glad about your nomination for studies at Campus d’Alcoi during the Winter semester or the Whole academic year 2020/2021.

Even if Spain is slowly recovering from the COVID-19 crisis, the situation is not back to normal yet. Social distancing measures are still on, several places have not reopened, like parks, beaches, some shops, restaurants, cafés, and bars.

It is impossible at this point to know what the situation will be like when the fall semester begins.

Therefore, in order to get ready for next semester and to implement in the best way possible the Spanish government’s instructions, Campus d’Alcoi has made some decisions and taken some measures, which will have a direct impact on your everyday life:

- The majority of courses will be fully delivered online, others will be a mix of online and face-to-face activities. No course will be fully delivered in a face-to-face mode.

- We have constraints in number of courses available and students per course that will be offered to Incoming students.

- Due to some restrictions in the number of seats in classrooms, registration in certain courses may not always be guaranteed. Students must be flexible in their choice of courses and have an alternative list.

- Some venues will probably remain with a limit number of students for the whole semester like student restaurants, sports halls, and all socializing areas and places.

- No event or activity involving gatherings of people will be organized throughout the semester.

- All students and staff will be required to strictly apply the health and safety measures ordered by the Spanish government when the semester starts. It is then possible that they are asked to observe social distancing at all time, to wash their hands regularly, to wear a mask when at Campus d’Alcoi, to avoid gatherings, and not to stay on campus when they don’t have class.

Other measures may also apply, depending on the evolution of the pandemic and the Spanish government’s instructions.

Please, also be aware that in case of a second wave of COVID-19 in our region, we would probably have to observe a new period of lockdown.

So, if you want to take the risk and start the procedure anyway, please be informed about the documents required during the first stage of your application procedure.

Access to on-line exchange application

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: The students must upload in their on-line application form the following documents:

Language requirements

All incoming exchange students coming to UPV should give proof of their sufficient knowledge of the Spanish Language in one of the following ways:

  • A Certificate of having achieved level A2 (CEFR) of Spanish
  • A certificate stating that they have taken at least 100 hours of Spanish language classes

Learning Agreement: http://www.upv.es/contenidos/IOFEPSA/info/1070043normalc.html

Printed application form signed by coordinator

The winter term is supposed to start in September 14th, however a shift to a later point in time might be possible depending on the development of the pandemic.

We know that students are eager to start planning their exchange in Campus d’Alcoi. However, considering the high degree of uncertainty, we encourage all exchange students to not purchase flights or make non-refundable financial obligations for their exchanges at this time.

Due to the uncertainties and putting safety first, we recommend all exchange students to postpone their academic stay with us to the spring-summer semester 2021 (Semester B) as much as possible, in particular students who require a student visa or coming from overseas.

Students who agree to postpone their mobility one semester are strongly encouraged to upgrade their Spanish level during the first semester in order to reach level B1/B2 in all language skills. This will allow them to enrol in courses taught in Spanish and increase the viability of their study programme at UPV.


Deadlines info

For our first semester (Sept-Jan) or complete academic year (Sept-Jul)

  • EU Students: from 1 April to 30 June
  • Non EU Students: from 20 March to 15 May

For our second semester (Feb-Jul)

  • EU Students: from 1 September to 30 November
  • Non EU Students: from 1 September to 15 October

Please check in your country if you need Visa to come to Spain as a student

If you find any problems or have any questions please contact with our international office:

Contact: Phone: e-mail:
Ana Moya García +34 966 528 499 anmogar7@upv.es

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