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Study Programs

The Alcoi Campus offers a wide selection of high quality degrees that completely cover the future professional range of our students. The three fundamentals of competitive societies (Engineering, Business Management & Information Technologies) are fully covered in the Campus to fulfil both the present and the next future of all our students. 

English Friendly

Those subjects that, despite being taught in Spanish, an incoming student with no knowledge of Spanish would be able to follow on his/her own by means of additional specific support in terms of English versions of: materials (slides, problems, lab assignments, bibliography, etc.), student consultations, exams, and any other related learning activity that could entail language interaction. For this specific courses you do not need a Spanish language certificate. 

Semester A - Winter / Fall 

From September to January. 

Semester B - Summer / Spring

From January to June.

Spanish Language Classes

Enrollment is mandatory if your native language is not Spanish.

Incoming students at our Alcoi campus are strongly encouraged to enrol in Spanish for foreign subjects, depending on the specific subject available during their stay, fall semester, spring semester, or full academic year. This will entail a wide spectrum of advantages to our incoming students:
- Learn one of the most important languages in the world.
- Reinforce the possible previous Spanish knowledge achieved pre-Erasmus.
- Achieve official proof of their Spanish knowledge for future professional endeavours or CV.
- Formalize the "street Spanish" they will certainly learn during their stay.
- Facilitate socialization with other incoming students from a diverse spectrum of countries and studies. Meeting point effect.
- Get additional or spare ECTS for their home institutions.
- Facilitate participation in organized activities delivered in Spanish such as visits to other institutions or private companies.
- Facilitate participation in other leisure group activities.

We have two levels of Spanish language classes each semester.

  • B1 level (4,50 ECTS)
  • B2 level (4,50 ECTS)
Students will take a test on the first day of the Spanish language course to confirm the level.

Our Bachelors: A complete offer for everybody

EPSA (Campus d'Alcoi) incoming students are not allowed to attend subjects from Campus de Vera or Campus de Gandía.

Please, click on the proper block in the figure attached below to check the subjects taught in English or Spanish for the present academic year.


Our Masters: Focused in employment

In addition, students who look for a professional expertise can apply to the following Engineering Masters:

Our Doctorates: Keep on with your enthusiasm

At the end, if you are excited with your academical research field, the Alcoi Campus offers you the possibility of deepen your knowledgement accessing to the following PhD programs:


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