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Información general

The Industrial Engineering Higher Technical School Library is part of the UPV network of libraries and its purpose is to provide access to scientific and cultural information by preserving, expanding and disseminating the University's collection of books, documents and audiovisual material.

Facilities and Equipment

  • The library has a 500 square metre area and 248 reading seats, 30 of which are for individual study.

  • One computer with catalogue access.

  • Tables with power outlets.

  • Anti-theft system.


The Library is open to the general public, but only UPV community members and those who are accredited by UPV may use all the offered services.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 21:00 hours. These opening hours change during holiday periods and in the months of June and July; check the news section to view the established opening hours.

Mandatory rules for the library

  • Keep silence during study/work

  • Mobile phones must be switched off before entering the library.

  • No food or drink is allowed inside the library, only water.

  • Any books used should be returned to their place on the shelf.

  • Clean the tables clean before and after each use.

  • Material should be used as if it were your own.

  • Study places can be booked 30 minutes, being able to extend to 60 in the time slot from 13 to 16 h.

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