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Información general

The ETSID Library, as an integral part of the UPV library network, aims to facilitate access to all scientific or cultural information media. To this end, it preserves, increases and disseminates the University's bibliographic, documentary and audio-visual collections.


The Library serves the entire UPV community -–depending on the group to which it belongs, specific conditions of use apply.

In order to use some services (loans, booths, etc.), you must identify yourself with your UPV card or your ID card.

Additionally, as the Library is also aware of its function within society, any person, even if not a member of the UPV community, may access the room and consult the available collections


The usual opening hours of the Design Library is Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

You can consult the opening hours of all UPV libraries here.

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  • The library has an area of 543 m2 and 200 places for study.

  • There are 20 computers with internet access for UPV members (the software in the computers)

  • There is also a self-loan machine.

Map of the library


  • Always mute your mobile phone before entering the library

  • You cannot bring in any food or drinks, excepting water.

  • After consulting a book, you must put it back on the shelf.

  • You must keep quiet.

  • You must keep tables clean.

  • You must take care of all library materials as if they were your own.

Consult the UPV Library Regulations

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