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Master's Degree in Transportation, Land and Urban Development Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Master's Degree in Transportation, Land and Urban Development

75 credits

Credit 35,34€
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30 openings


Economic growth, the evolution of society, and land development projections give rise to a demand for functionality, quality and sustainability in city transport. The growing need for social and economic activity to be environmentally sustainable demands constant improvement of the functional design and quality of infrastructure, of the services provided and the planning of the city and land where they are implemented. Population growth, the need to improve the quality of landscapes associated with tourism, especially on the coast, the reorganisation of production processes and economic activities and the mobility this entails have brought about a need to review the models of urban and land occupation and the implementation of transport infrastructure in an already anthropic world. This evolution requires the training of expert professionals from a multidisciplinary perspective that can technically and scientifically maintain sustainable development through transport systems and urban and land development.


The programme explores knowledge related to urban and land planning, as well as transport systems, both land and sea. In the first area, it mainly explores planning aspects; in the transport area, as well as planning aspects, it looks at aspects of design, operation and management.

This master's degree provides advanced practical and professional training, with a global and multidisciplinary approach to transport and land use. It also offers the choice of a curricular itinerary for research training, as a basis for developing a doctoral thesis.

Addressed to

Graduates in technical and social areas, such as civil engineers; technical public works engineers; architects; economists; civil engineers; geographers; mechanical engineers; geodesy and cartography engineers.

Admission criteria

  • Degree
  • Academic record
  • Suitability of CV for the degree course
  • Review the complete information in the «Access and admission» section.


School of Civil Engineering

Participating centres

  • Department of Transport Engineering and Infrastructure
  • Department of Urban Planning

Associates entities

The Fundación Carolina awards scholarships for students from Latin America in collaboration with Abertis. More information at www.fundacioncarolina.es .

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