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Our physical collection has the specialised bibliography required for the qualifications taught in the School of Engineering in Computer Sicence. The books are arranged in open stacks by subject

The books can be searched in PoliBuscador, selecting the catalog . When you enter the details of the item you want, you have to note the call number (the code that tells you where the item is shelved).

E-books collections are becoming more and more important in the collections of the UPV libraries, so you can find many individual eBook titles by searching in Polibuscador and selecting the drop-down menu e-books or by refining your search results by E-book from the menu on the left-hand menu.

Safari Books Online or Biblioteca Online ENI are e-books platforms of interest to computer science.


The library subscribes thousands of e-journals than can be accessed by selecting the drop-down menu Digital Library and e-journals in PoliBuscador.


The library holds Bachelor's and Master's thesis in CD-ROM and paper format from the former Applied Computer Higher Technical School and the Faculty fo Computing.

Since 2010, all these documents from the School of Informatics are archived in RiuNet, the institutional repository.

You can find them in Polibuscador, selecting Academic work as document type.


The library has a collection of films on DVD or Blu-ray related to computer science, digital effects or animation.

The Film guide will give you detailed information about each film.

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