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Master's Degree in Multimedia and Visual Arts Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Master's Degree in Multimedia and Visual Arts

75 credits

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The Master's Degree in Multimedia and Visual Arts responds to the impact of image technologies and the creative potential of programs for generating, processing, and manipulating the digital image. These changes are transforming the means of producing and disseminating artistic output, which is merging with other professional and economic information sectors, where the image, everything visual, is playing an increasingly important role.

The Master's Degree in Multimedia and Visual Arts has undergone an extensive restructuring. Aware of the social, cultural and technological changes since its inception, we continue to hold ourselves responsible for educating students in the use of the technical and conceptual tools of our time. Moreover, we have strengthened interdisciplinary aspects, incorporating teachers from the DSIC and DISCA departments of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, specialists in programming and physical and virtual computing systems, along with teachers specialized in the digital arts. Together, they develop the creative potential of students in generating, processing, and manipulating the digital image. There has also been an accompanying increase in theoretical instruction in visual culture and critical theory.


Prepare researchers to plan and resolve multimedia and visual arts projects from an interdisciplinary approach, focusing on the creative, conceptual, technical and reflective aspects, combining the critical thinking of the humanities and techno-scientific applications of computer culture. The programme will enable students to:

  • Integrate responsibly into their social context as researchers who are aware of the impact of ICT on contemporary society.
  • Contextualize multimedia artistic production in the emerging field of research, Art-Science-Technology-Society (ASTS), considering how to extend it to other related areas of the public sphere and the mass media.
  • Apply research methodologies from multimedia and visual arts to generate new contributions to the research of this master's degree.
  • Assimilate the methodological resources that are necessary to generate a personal system of lifelong learning.

Addressed to

The Master's Degree in Multimedia and Visual Arts (AVM) is primarily addressed to:

Graduates wishing to broaden their education in the field of multimedia and visual arts. In particular, graduates in Fine Arts, Audiovisual Communication, Computer Science, Architecture, Art History and Philosophy, as well as graduates of the School of Art and Design.

Admission criteria

  • Academic curriculum. (2 points)

Taking into account average score on the transcript and courses completed.

  • Professional curriculum. (2 points)

Taking into account relevance to course contents

  • Dossier of completed projects. (2 points)

Taking into account the suitability of their profile for the course. Maximum of 10 representative works selected by the candidate.

  • Brief summary of the proposed master's thesis. (2 points)

Rough outline of the student's proposed thesis considering its relevance to the lines of research of the programme.

  • Video self-presentation (2 points)

Uploaded to Vimeo, YouTube, etc. Maximum 3 minutes.


  • Department of Sculpture
  • Department of Painting

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Ministry of Education

Erasmus agreements

  • Interface Culture MA - Kunst Universität of Linz (Linz -Austria)
  • European Media Studies MA - Universität Potsdam (Berlin, GE)
  • Media Art + Design MA - Bauhaus Universitat Weimar, GE
  • Media Studies MA - HBK Braunschweig, GE
  • Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction design MA- FH Joanneum Gesellschaft MBH (Graz-Austria)
  • Cinemá et Audiovisual MA Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée (Paris, Francia)
  • Visual Communication MA - Technological University Dublin (Irlanda)
  • Digital Arts MA - Australian National University (Australia)
  • New Media Arts MA - National Taiwan University of Arts (Taiwan - China)

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