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Recomanacions per a l'ús del Politraductor i altres traductors

When using machine translation software, the procedure should be as follows:

1. Apply the original spellchecker (Word, OpenOffice Writer or whatever word processor you use).
The original texts must be correct, because the words with spelling mistakes are a cause of errors in translations.

2. Configure the translation programs correctly.Among the best ones, we have Politraductor (recommended by the UPV and based on Apertium platform, developed by Prompsit) and SALT:

a) If you use Politraductor, select: Spanish-Catalan (Val)

b) If you use Apertium, select the option: Catalan (Valencian)

c)  If you use SALT: go to Tools/Settings and select:

·         Reinforced demonstrative (like “aquest”–this)

·         Inchoatives with the affix “-eix” (“pateix”–suffer)

·         Plural in “-os” of words ending in “-sc”, “-st”, and “-xt” (“foscos”–dark)

·         Stress (“café”–coffee)

·         Historical place names (“Xest”–Cheste)

3. Check the text generated by the translation program with a spellchecker or the SALT corrector.

4. Personally revise the text translated, paying special attention to:

·         Verb forms

·         Email addresses

·         Names and surnames

·         Possessive and relative pronouns

5. The texts must respect the linguistic criteria of Valencian universities.

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