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This open day has the support of the City Halls of Alboraya, Meliana, and Valencia, as well as other institutions and associations.

Under the motto El valencià, com la bicicleta: saludable, sostenible i de futur (“Valencian, like the bicycle: healthy, sustainable and with a future"), the open day “Good Day by Bike” is aimed at the university community but also open to the general public. Its main goals are to promote the use of Valencian, the use of bicycles as a sustainable means of transport at the UPV, a better knowledge of the UPV surroundings, and a sustainable and responsible access to the university (for example, by recommending the use of helmet, obligatory on interurban roads), as well as saving resources when using means of transport.

The activity consists of a bike ride to the immediate surroundings of the University Campus, both “l'horta” and nearby towns, starting at 9 am on the plaza of the Casa de l'Alumne (House of the Student), for approximately 3.5 to 4 hours, and returning to the same point.

People living in some towns of the route may join us at some point of the journey (have a look at the plan), as long as they mention it in the space for Observations on the registration form. In this case, they should follow the instructions of the organisation and the local police, and join the tail end of the group of cyclists.

You can register free by using the form in the UPV intranet or via email to "dinamitzacio.apnl@upv.es" (with subject: “Inscripció Jornada Bon Dia amb Bicicletaregistration for Open Day “Good Day by Bike”), until 16 October at 12 am.

Participants will receive a “Good Day” reflective armband at the beginning of the activity and a bottle of water. They must bring their own lunch.

There will be three stops on the circuit: one for breakfast at l'Ermita del Miracle dels Peixets, another between Museros and Albalat dels Sorells, and a third one at the Orxateria Vida (near the ravine Carraixet) where we will have an orxata and fartons, courtesy of the organisation.

The excursion is covered by the UPV public liability insurance and an accident insurance. We will also have the continuous presence of an ambulance with medics and the collaboration of civil protection departments and the local police of Valencia, Alboraya, Almàssera, Meliana, Foios, Albalat dels Sorells, Albuixech, and Museros councils, as well as other institutions and associations.

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