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Characteristics of the Courses

- Each level (120 hours) consists of two modules or courses: one in the first semester (course 1, 60 hours, October to December) and another in the second semester (course 2, 60 hours, from February to May).










C1 (Advanced)

120 h


60 hours


60 hours


- There is an enrolment period for first semester courses and a period for second semester courses.

- Both courses or modules of each level can be taken in one academic year or over several years.

- There are two types of courses: blended learning and online.

- You can combine these types of courses in the same academic year. For example, you can take a blended learning module in the first semester and an online module in the second, or vice versa.

- The duration of each course is 60 hours, structured as follows:

a) For blended learning:

·         40 hours of classroom learning (by Teams or face-to-face classes).

·     20 hours of self-learning: tutored work in the virtual environment (PoliformaT) and/or hours of practice at Valencian Self-Learning Centres (CAV).


b) For online courses:

·         60 hours of online work, with compulsory tasks to be submitted to the tutor.

·         One initial classroom session.

- The courses are for all members of the university community (students, PAS, PDI, and members of Alumni), and from level B2 contain specific tasks of written and oral expression for each group, with the intention of helping them to use Valencian regularly at work or in their studies at the UPV.
- Outside of term time, there will be no classroom sessions.

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