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Staff Training Week 2015
Staff training week 2015

Dear Erasmus partner

We are pleased to inform you about our program Erasmus Staff Training Week, it is an event that takes place at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and in the last year we have been enjoying in the Campus of Alcoi.

This programme is based on some activities between partners that make our cooperation strong and it's a good way to share great experiences in common.

Application Deadline: 6th March

Staff Week Programs

This edition had two programs, one focused in International Staff and another in Library Staff www.biblioteca.upv.es

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Staff Training Week 2015

This event took place from 19 to 26 April 2015, in the city of Alcoi/Alcoy (Alicante, Spain).

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Enjoy our multimedia content, you can see the photo gallery of the Staff Training Week 2015, and share your personal experiences with your family, university and friends during your stay with us.

Moreover, you have at your disposal a private area to find more content.

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