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Staff mobility

Do you want to travel abroad?

Staff mobility for training enables teaching and other staff of higher education institutions to spend a period of training in an organisation such as a higher education institution in another participating country.

What are the objectives of the staff mobility for training?

  • To allow the staff of higher education institutions to acquire knowledge or specific know-how from experiences and good practices abroad as well as practical skills relevant for their current job and their professional development
  • To help building up cooperation between higher education institutions and enterprises
  • To motivate staff to become mobile and to assist them in preparing a mobility period

Who can benefit?

Both, staff and lecturers from the Alcoi Campus.

More Information:

Lecturers can use the Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments (STA) program.
On the other hand, if you are staff you can extend information accessing to the Staff Training Mobility (STT) program.
Anyway, if you have more questions you can also contact with:

International office

Help us to plan our visits

Taking advantage of the STA and STT programs you can help us to plan the International Office outgoing visits with the aim of strengthen the cooperation among the Alcoi Campus and all those foreign Universities that are on your interest for both academical or research reasons.

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