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Marketing Management (3B)

Subject name

Marketing Management


The overall objective of the course is to introduce students to the field of marketing as a business function and teach them to make decisions within the context of marketing management.


  • To become aware of the importance of marketing in the economy, business and society
  • To understand the marketing function as a regulator of the exchange processes in a market context
  • To develop analytical and critical skills on real marketing situations
  • To analyse, plan and make marketing decisions based on information from a real case
  • To improve teamwork and interpersonal communication skills

Teaching units

  1. Marketing fundamentals
    1. The dimension of marketing
  2. Market and consumer awareness
    1. The market and its environment
    2. Consumer and industrial buyer behaviour
  3. Strategic marketing planning and decision-making
    1. Marketing plan
    2. Segmentation, targeting and positioning
  4. Marketing-Mix
    1. Goods, services and brand management
    2. Pricing strategies
    3. Communication management
    4. Strategic sales management
    5. Distribution and channel management

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