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(11866) - Ecommerce Applications (4B)
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Subject name

Ecommerce applications


Internet, among other things, may be seen as a really important channel for sales, promotion, communication, research and customer knowledge that should not be ignored by those who are in charge of any business.


  • To acquire a basic knowledge of ecommerce such as its characteristics, evolution, most common business models, basic ecommerce legislation, logistics and payment
  • To understand some of the technical aspects needed to succeed in the field of ecommerce, including hosting and domain names, web servers, programming languages needed for web development, content management systems, and web 2.0 services
  • To know the main digital marketing resources available to promote eshops, such as search engines, content marketing, email marketing and social media marketing, highlighting the role of the community manager in the social strategy
  • To highlight the importance of establishing objectives and measuring their compliance through web analytics

Teaching units

  1. Ecommerce fundamentals
  2. Basic technologies for ecommerce
  3. Promotion of the eshop
  4. Result Measuring: web analytics
  5. Roadmap to implement an eshop from scratch

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