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Erasmus subjects' validation

The definition

After the stay, the outgoing student must (and only can) validate the passed ECTS. This means to transfer the passed ECTS from the transcript of records into the Alcoi Campus academic record.

We are still working in the especifications but, for the next academical year, we will base the host Universities assignment procedure on the following estimations:

In Advance

What do the International Office recommend to the future outgonig in advance to the stay?

In this sense the International Office has got all the Bachelor's Academical Committees (CATs) compromise on reviewing and giving a convalidation advise in advance to the Erasmus outgoing stay. Then, the student should:

  1. Rank a list of host Universities

  2. Prepare a list of subjects to apply (for each host Univerrsity)

  3. Look (ask) for the contents of the subjects (web or contact directly with the host University)

  4. Prepare (with the assessment of both, the CAT Director and the International Officce) a matching table for the block subjects validation (example) including

    • Name, semester and ECTS of the subjects to be applied in the host University
    • Name, semester and ECTS of the subjects to be validated in the ALCOI Campus
    • The proposed block matching between them

  5. Present your validation proposal to the CAT

  6. Wait for the response

If your proposal is well based it is supossed to be accepted by the CAT. The last step before (or simultaneously) to your stay is getting the acknowledgement by the Universitat Politècnica de València Committee. But this is just a bureaucracy procedure and do not depend on you!

If you just want to go...

This is not what the International Office recommend because the student do not know in advance if the subjects to be applied in the host University will be recognized later in the Alcoi Campus. Otherwise, at the end of the stay and depending on the ECTS passed in the host University (transcript of records), the corresponding teacher an the Alcoi Campus (not the CAT) will assess the number of recognized credits (by subject NOT by block) based on the following criteria:

  1. The contents of the subject match with the ones of the ALCOI Campus' subject with a minimum rate of 80%

  2. The contents of the subject have not been previously passed by the student related to another different subject

If the individual assessment is ok, the validation process finishes in the Universitat Politècnica de València Committee in the same way tha has been detailed above.

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