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Double degrees

Double degrees:

A double degree allows you to study for two degrees at the same time in a two different countries. You will graduate with two bachelor degrees, giving you more career flexibility and opportunities.

Double degree ALCOI Campus and Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences:

The purpose of this agreement is to establish a frame work for collaboration between the UPV, Escola Politecnica Superior d'Alcoi (EPSA) and OHAW in order to establish the conditions that students from these institutions must fulfil to gain the academic degrees of Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from the EPSA, UPV and the OHAW.

The coordinator in Alcoy is Elena Pérez Bernabeu: ELENAPB@EIO.UPV.ES

Our partner for Doubles Degrees in Germany

That the OHAW, German university whose main campus is located in the town of Wolfenbuttel, awards the degree of Bachelor of Engineering, equivalent to the Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the UPV.

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