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Alcoi Campus is one of the three external campus of the Universitat Politècnica de Valéncia, one of the most prestigious technologic universities in Spain, that is located in the city of Alcoi.

Meet Alcoi Campus

- University News:

ORIENTATION DAY. 28th January 2019. 10h30 - 14h00

PLACE: Plaza Ferrandiz y Carbonell. Carbonell Building. Sala Multiusos.

WELCOME. We give all international exchange students a general overview of Alcoi Campus.

In addition, we explain to them briefly about our academic system, the kind of courses that we offer and the different services that they can use. At the end, we organize a campus tour to familiarize with the laboratories, classrooms, library, etc. where students study during their exchange experience.TRY NOT TO MISS IT!

WELCOME BRUNCH. In order to welcome international students at Alcoi Campus, we organize a welcome brunch which will take place on 28th January at 13h00 in CARBONELL BUILDING. SALA MULTIUSOS Campus d’Alcoi.

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