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Finding and accessing materials:

To search for a document, go to PoliBuscador and enter the search in the "Catálogo" (Catalogue) tab. Type the title, author or subject of the document you are looking for. You can filter your search by choosing the type of item you are looking for (books, films, maps, journals, etc.) and the field corresponding to the data you entered.

A list with one or multiple results will be displayed, choose the one that interests you, select the Library of your choice and write down the "Signatura" (Call number).

In the previous example, the Signatura is B 0-21/3193

  • The letter"B" corresponds to the Central Library.
  • The code "0-21" corresponds to the shelf where the book is located; Physics in this case
  • The number"3193"corresponds to the location on the shelf.

Documents located in the Store Room (Depósito):

In Polibuscador, the documents that are located on the shelves and which are freely accessible by users, have Biblioteca Central plus the name of the room corresponding to them as their location.

However, other documents that have Depósito (Store Room) as its location are not accessible directly by users. To access a document located in the Store Room you must make a reservation through the catalogue. When the item is available to collect, you will receive a notification by email, usually on the same day, and you may pick it up at the 2nd floor circulation desk within 2 days.

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