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The Central Library is home to a collection of approximately 200,000 items, including books, maps, doctoral theses, periodicals, films and other audiovisual materials. In addition, through Polibuscador, the UPV Library catalog, the Central Library gives access to a large collection of electronic journals, electronic books, technical regulations, databases and to Riunet (the institutional open access repository of the Polytechnic University of Valencia)

How the Central Library collection is organized?:

A large part of the bibliographic collection are in free access, distributed among the different rooms of the Central Library: La Informaciķn and La Humanidad rooms on the second floor and La Cultura and La Tierra rooms on the third floor.

The documents are arranged within the room shelves following the thematic classification common of all the UPV Libraries.

The bibliographics collections available at the UPV Central Library are as follows:

In the lobby of the Central Library –on the ground floor–, the Press Corner is located, which offers the main national newspapers and some international ones.

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