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Fondo bibliográfico


The library of the Civil Engineering Technical School contains around 13,000 copies; monographs and magazines, projects, audiovisual material, etc. All these items are related to the different degrees taught in this School.

The bibliographic collection is arranged by subject. Each group of subjects is assigned a 'cupboard' ('armario'), (shelf or set of shelves in which books of the same subject are arranged). The following link shows the cupboards available in the library.



Finding items in the library

Each items has, in addition to its cupboard number, a number to put them in order inside the cabinet. Each cupboard has a separate sequence.

In addition to these two numbers, the items contain a letter depending on the library where they are located. In the case of the Civil Engineering library the letter is M.

Therefore, all items have an alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies them and which is known as "signature". For example, the item with signature 2-43/12M, is a book located in 'cupboard' 2-43, has number 12 associated to it and is in the Civil Engineering library.

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