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Bibliographic collection

The collection of the Library of the Business School and the School of Engineering in Geodesy, C. and S. is organised in a free-access fashion, by subjects that include all the specialised bibliography necessary for the degrees taught in both centres.

Each subject has a cupboard or set of shelves assigned in which the books are grouped. The copies are arranged in each cupboard by a sequence of currens numbers.

The signature or identification of each copy consists of the cupboard number, plus the currens number or order number inside the cupboard and the letter of the room in which it is located. Thus, in 0-11/17K Linear Algebra and its applications / David C. Lay

- 0-11 refers to the Algebra cupboard,

- 17 is the copy number of the book inside that cupboard, and

- K refers to the Business-Topography Library room where that book may be found.

This facilitates the location and access to the collections that are arranged according to the following distribution of materials by cupboards.

Please be advised that the reference works –dictionaries, glossaries, vocabularies...– belonging to the OG cupboard are excluded from the loan service, as only in-room consultation is allowed in this case.

To locate the necessary bibliographic information, the catalogue may be checked in the PoliBuscador portal.

Digital Library

The UPV General Library offers the Digital Library service, which facilitates full access to all electronic resources online to the UPV community, also through PoliBuscador.

PoliBuscador facilitates access to databases, electronic books and electronic journals, and to the bibliographic catalogue and RiuNet as well.

The Digital Library provides access to the daily electronic press, as well as to the UPV institutional repository: RiuNet.

Recommended bibliography

You may consult the bibliography recommended by the lecturers of each of the degrees and of each of the subjects taught. Here is an example of search by subject.

And here is the recommended bibliography by degrees:

A. Double Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Technologies and Services in Engineering, and in Business Administration and Management

G. Bachelor’s Degree in Geomatics and Surveying Engineering

G. Master's Degree in Geomatics and Geoinformation Engineering

M. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management

M. Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and Management

M. Master’s Degree in Business, Products and Service Management

M. Master's Degree in Financial and Tax Management

A. Double Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics Engineering, and in Business Administration and Management

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