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In-room access

The book collection is freely accessible except for the copies stored in the Library office for protection reasons.

It is not necessary to belong to the university community of the UPV to use the library's collection.

You can access PoliBuscador and select the catalogue option in the search field to locate the available resources, both from the library computers and the Internet, not only in our library, but in any of the libraries of the UPV.



In order to access the loan service, it is necessary to belong to the university community of the UPV and show your UPV or ID card.

Remember that the card is personal and non-transferable: only the cardholder can use it.

The conditions are shown in the following table:


Number of items

Loan period



Books*, films: 30

Computers: 1

Booths: 1

Books: 15 days, 7 days if it is on reserve

Films: 7 days, 3 days if it is on reserve

Computers: Periods of 1, 7 or 15 days

Booths: 1 day

Books and films: 6

Computers:1 the 7-day ones and 0 the 1 and 15-day ones

Booths: 0


Books, films: 30

Books: 15 days

Films: 7 days, 3 days if it is on reserve



Lendable books: 65

In-room only: 4

For an academic year


* Literature, 15 days without reduction if it is on reserve

** TRS/ASS from Valencian Universities (PIVU5), 3 items, excluding films

Special extended loan periods are established during holiday periods and are announced well in advance.

Loans to departments

In order to make loans to a Department, an application must be completed and submitted, signed by the Head of the Department, to the Library director.

Know more about interlibrary loans and requests for documents.

Renewal of loans

The Library offers the possibility of making up to six renewals of the same borrowed item, regardless of its campus of origin, provided that the item is not on the waiting list and that the user does not have any other item pending return for which the loan period has expired.

There are three ways to renew loans:

- From My Library

- Going to the loan desk

- By phone: +34 963879926, Ext: 79926-78859


This service is used to reserve items on loan from any library. Students from the Alcoi and Gandia campuses can also reserve the available items. In order to reserve, you must be previously logged in PoliBuscador.

You can access the reserve system from the Copies>Requests>Reserve tab in the book log found in PoliBuscador.

When the item is available, an e-mail notification is sent and the book is reserved for 2 working days.

If you are no longer interested in collecting the item, the reserve can be deleted from My Library>Requests>Cancel

Purchase of new items 

All members of the university community can request or suggest the purchase of any type of document.

- An existing copy, from the PoliBuscador log in the Purchase suggestion tab (requires identification)

- An item not found in our current collection, from My library>New purchase

Users can learn about the status of their request by accessing PoliBuscador > My Library > Requests > Request List


At the Library we help you to:

-Perform bibliographic searches in catalogues and databases

-Answer questions about the use of Library services and resources

-Resolve any information need for studying, teaching and researching

 Queries can be made through The Library Responds service.

Internet access

In the Library you can connect laptops to the Internet.

We also have 5 computers with Internet access and 2 computers for accessing PoliBuscador only. 

Their use is restricted to academic queries: databases, electronic journals, access to PoliBuscador, newspapers, etc.

Access to chat services, games, non-academic social network pages –Facebook– or pages with illegal content is not allowed.

Remember that you need to log in as an UPV user in order to have Internet access.

Ask at the desk if you need help to configure the computer's browser and to get more information on the help manuals and tutorials of the most used software in the UPV. You can also access the ASIC website.

User training

The Library and Scientific Documentation Office of the UPV offers several activities to let the university community know about the resources and services that are made available.

You can access the courses and sessions as well as the Library guides to help you with your study and research.

The Library participates in the Welcome Days organised in the different centres for new students by holding introductory sessions on the collection and the services offered.

Group study room

The Library has a group study room with capacity for 36 people (ask at the desk).


The Library offers a scanner to its users (ask at the desk).

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