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Bachelor's Degree in Forest and Environmental Engineering Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Bachelor's Degree in Forest and Environmental Engineering

4 years
240 credits

Credit 19,27€
Give access to scholarships

GPA for admission 7,39

50 openings (+25 in PARS)

Presentation of the degree

The aim of this degree is to train responsible professionals in the sustainable management, preservation, restoration and planning of the natural and forest environment, dealing with both ecosystem services and the use and subsequent industrial transformation of their resources. All the above in an environmentally, economically viable and socially acceptable and appropriate way. The degree enables the pursue of the regulated profession of Forest and Environmental Engineer.

This degree is internationally certified with the EUR-ACE quality label. 
This degree is internationally certified with the EUR-ACE quality label.

Career opportunities

You can join sector companies, consultancy firms, public companies, or the Public Administration, as self-employed or in the wood, cork or bioenergy industry.

In consultancy and public companies, projects such as the management of works and energy exploitation projects predominate. In the Public Administration, the project management and supervision roles stand out, and, in the industries, there are many activities related to the purchase of wood, chain of custody and certification.

In recent years, international cooperation is becoming increasingly relevant due to the importance of forests in the environmental agenda of the countries.

International mobility and internships

More than 200 students of the School travel abroad and around 300 come from other countries. The School has signed agreements with some of the most prestigious and renowned European and American universities.

The School facilitates internships in companies and institutions, as evidenced by the fact that every year it sends around 650 students to 300 companies from different related sectors.

Further studies

With this degree you have access the Master's Degree in Forest Engineering, which enables to pursue the profession of industrial engineer.

In addition, you can access university master's degrees in Hydraulic Engineering and the Environment; Erasmus Mundus in Plant Health in Sustainable Agriculture; Plant Genetic Improvement; Health and Plant Production and the Agri-Food and Environmental Economy.

And taking the appropriate levelling subjects, you can request access to any university master's degree at the UPV.


Credits for obtaining the degree

Basic courses Compulsory Elective Internship TFG Total
60,00 96,00 72,00 0,00 12,00 240,00
This bachelor's degree is part of a
UPV bachelor's degree + master's degree programme.


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