Vice Rectorate for Students
and Entrepreneurship

Vice Rectorate for Students
and Entrepreneurship

It is responsible for accompanying students during their academic and personal career at the Universitat Politècnica de València through the Comprehensive Student Support Plan (PIAE+), teaching, enrollment, scholarships, social assistance and student representation, among others. It is responsible for promoting, disseminating and fostering the entrepreneurial culture through the IDEAS UPV entrepreneurship unit, and boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystem STARTUPV for the creation of startups by students and graduates of the UPV. In addition, it will promote the acquisition of transversal skills through extra-curricular activities such as the Spontaneous Generation Program.

Among its functions is the coordination of the tests that, in accordance with the applicable regulations, are necessary for university access, as well as the management of pre-enrollment, admission and enrollment in official university studies for bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Areas and Services

Comprehensive Student Support and Guidance Area

This Area leads the initiatives aimed at all UPV students, which aim to boost their performance, reinforce their training and guarantee their incorporation into the labor market, ensuring personalized accompaniment.  

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Students, Performance and Curricular Evaluation Area

The Student, Performance and Curricular Evaluation Area develops the actions, programs and initiatives of the VEE related to student performance and progress as well as the rationalization of the academic calendar.    

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Area of Entrepreneurship and the IDEES Program

The Entrepreneurship Unit IDEES UPV, integrated in the Vice-Rectorate for Students and Entrepreneurship, is the driving force behind the entrepreneurial initiatives born at the UPV.

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Spontaneous Generation Area

The GE program is a launch pad for initiatives that come entirely from the university’s students. It maximizes the much-acclaimed transversal competencies and the figure of the student-mentor.

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Latest News

Current information, news and projects

    REGISTRATIONS: Within the actions of the Campus of Innovative Entrepreneurship 5U CV 2023 and after the four previous editions, next March 2 and 3 we organize at the Vera Campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia the V National …
  • Workshops for UPV students
    HOW DO I SIGN UP? Log in to INTRANET Virtual Secretariat Continuous and permanent training portal Training offer ICE Select the Offer: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS 2022 (third call) You can choose a maximum of 5 workshops according to your preference …
  • Open call for the first call for applications (Spring Semester) Startup Semester Scholarships UC BERKELEY-SANTANDER
    The application period for the Call to the    is now open;First Call (Spring Semester)The “Startup Semester UC Berkeley-Santander” scholarships are aimed at encouraging international training specialized in entrepreneurship for graduates in the field of entrepreneurship;previous editions of the MSA Startup Administration …
  • Opentop launches its I Acceleration Call for Proposals
    The callfor Opentop’s acceleration program will remain in placeopen from today until December 4, 2022. Opentop proposes four interesting challengesThe company has also provided startups related to reducing the carbon footprint by minimizing investment risk, predicting daily port traffic, forecasting container dwell …
  • Connect with your future and create your venture | EXPLORER SANTANDER X
    Are you studying or doing research and don’t know how to take all the potential of your work to the business world? Do you want to give an entrepreneurial or business application to your doctoral thesis? You can now sign …

Programs and Initiatives

We have highly qualified teams for the development of our objectives.

Integral Plan for Student Support (PIAE+)

It is a project of the Vice Rectorate for Students and Entrepreneurship designed to improve the academic performance of students, prevent dropout, help new students integrate into the campus and ensure insertion into the professional environment.

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Student Psychological Assistance Service (SAPE)

The UPV has implemented the Psychological Attention Service for Students, which seeks to improve the mental health of the student body.It is a free service, oriented to students of official degrees of the UPV.

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The Campus Praktikum is aimed at excellent students who are in their first year of high school or higher education. You will be able to attend workshops and activities organized by UPV teachers and researchers, and learn first-hand about the …

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Show your knowledge and test your talent by participating in the olympiads hosted by the Universitat Politècnica de València throughout the year.

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Work Philosophy

We strive to develop concrete and measurable objectives.


The mission of the VEE is to ensure that our students obtain an excellent comprehensive training, feeling accompanied during their time at the UPV, which enhances their entrepreneurial and innovative talent and enables them to become excellent professionals and citizens.


The UPV is a benchmark in the comprehensive training of its students, providing them with technical, artistic and transversal skills with high added value.


  • Equality
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Participation
  • Innovation
  • Solidarity
  • Cooperation