Exhibition "DPA UPV"

Exhibition of student projects. From May 18 to June 10 in the North-South Corridor of the ETSA-UPV.

Exhibition "SELECTION TFM 2020-2021 | 2021-2022"

Exhibition of TFM selected by the respective workshops. From May 18 to June 10 at the North-South Corridor of the ETSA-UPV.

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  • Collaboration grant
    The call for 2 collaboration trainings in the ETSA-UPV 3D printing and plotters laboratories is now open. It will include a dedication of 3 hours a day of collaboration for the period between 05/22/2023 and 09/30/2023 (being August a business …
  • ETSATOPIA 2023
  • Exhibition “Ximo Sanchís. Architect’s drawings”.
    9 Mar 2023 | 12.30h | ETSA Exhibition Hall How these drawings have been made Many of the drawings you can see here, are made remembering or memorizing architectures of buildings in places of the Valencian territory, always linked to …
  • Conference and Exhibition “Cities and their theses. 1970-2020”
    Exhibition “Cities and their theses. 1970-2020” From March 23rd to April 30th at the North Hall ETSAV-UPV. It is a historiographic and analytical repository of theses on Iberian cities from 1970 to 2020. Conference “Cities and their theses. 1970-2020” Mandatory registration(Click …

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ETSA-UPV bulletin


Do you know what the ETSA-NEWSLETTER is? Have you not seen the news of the new Bulletin published by ETSA yet?

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If you need to answer any question about the Polytechnic University of Valencia, you can consult the Frecuently Asked Questions (FAQ).

If you can’t find the answer, you can send us a direct inquiry through the poli[Query].

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Preregistration Master ETSA PHASE I

Open period for submitting applications from March 1 to May 19.

Publication of results on June 5.

Registration on june 8 and 9.

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Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture
Open day 2022

ETSA in data

The public nature of ETSA-UPV allows easy access to studies to a large number of students through affordable prices per credit and excellent teaching quality. It is the most technological school in the context of Spanish schools, it has a yeaching with a global profile with a strong technical, humanistic and project component.

Spanish School of Architecture in the “El Mundo” ranking


years of extensive experience, since its foundation


languages. It allows all the studies to be carried out in English, Spanish or Valencian

Get to know ETSA in depth

One of the most outsanding characteristics of the ETSA-UPV is the wide cultural offer that offered to complement the teacher training of students. At schools, they offer, with a wide agenda throughout the course: conferences, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, etc., promoted by the management, by students, teachers, business chairs, institutions, etc.

ETSA-UPV has a 7 Business Chairs from different sectors:

Cemex White Chair

Ascer Ceramic Chair

Habitatge Chair of the Generalitat Valenciana

Living Architecture Chair by Living Ceramics

Maderamen Chair of the Valencian Building Institute

Chair Urbanism and Gender of the Generalitat Valenciana

EMR Chair-Study Methods of EMR Restoration

Master’s degrees

Find out about all the masters offered by the ETSA-UPV.

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Activities Report 2022

At the beginning of each year, from the Communication Subdirection, we make available to you the Activities Report.

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ETSA Culture Web

The web of Culture that we present is intended to be a reference for all the School of Architecture’s collective and, at the same time, a means of dissemination of our architectural and cultural production.

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OPPI / Virtual Exchange

Collaborative Online International Learning, or COIL or Virtual Exchange is a pedagogy that is international, interactive and virtual. Using various communication technologies, faculty from two partner institutions program collaborative learning measures for their students within their own subjects with the …

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