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NOVEMBRE: Festival de Jazz 2019



This year’s November festival is one of contrasts: youth versus seniority, classical versus experimental jazz, music with Valencian or Mediterranean roots versus international jazz. Guitarist Carlos Gonzálbez and saxophonist Ximo Caffarena are two of the pioneers of our jazz, who have been playing it for more than forty years; they are now a reference for new generations. Gonzálbez maintains his initial commitment to refined jazz, based on a standard repertoire, bebop language and improvisation. Caffarena soon became interested in Valencian traditional music and continues to recreate it, as leader of his group, with imaginative arrangements from the world of jazz.

Ales Cesarini is one of the most active and sought after double bass players on our scene. His personal sound has an unclassifiable accomplice, the voice of Payoh Soul Rebel, with whom he delves into a rich world of fusion, from reggae to electronics. The NES trio is one of the sensations of recent Valencian music. This initiative of cellist Matthieu Saglio, creator of the Jerez-Texas group, has the magnetic voice of Nesrine Belmokh to lead us into soul, jazz or French chansons. Last but not least, we have MAP, a group made up of three of the most vigorous and outstanding musicians on the Spanish scene, the saxophonist Ernesto Aurignac, the pianist Marco Mezquida and the drummer Ramón Prats. Their music moves from the torrential expression to the most delicate, always unpredictable and powerful lyricism.



Vera Campus − Alfons Roig Auditorium. 8 p.m.

Tuesday, Nov 19
Ales Cesarini & Payoh Soul Rebel

Wednesday, Nov 20
MAP: Mezquida / Aurignac / Prats

Thursday, Nov 21
Ximo Caffarena Quartet FolkenJazz

Friday, Nov 22

Alcoi Campus, Jazz Club Mussol (Casablanca Café, Calle Isabel II), 8 p.m.

Thursday, Nov 21
Carlos Gonzálbez trío

Gandia Campus, Aula Magna EPSG, 8 p.m.

Thurssday, Nov, 21
Ales Cesarini & Payoh Soul Rebel

Friday, Nov 22
Carlos Gonzálbez trío

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