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Summer programs

Summer Programs

ALCOI Campus has hosted six summer programs from the American University of Notre Dame (Indiana) who have chosen this university as host its summer program.

Universitat Politècnica de Valencia
Alcoi Campus
Alcoi, Spain
American University of Notre Dame
Indiana, USA

This is the sixth year that the prestigious American University of Notre Dame (Indiana) choose the Campus of Alcoy. Along with the 33 students also has traveled Dr. Edward Wolf, and that will be your lecturer for the summer program development.

Among the activities they intend to undertake includes the visits to museums in Alcoy, in the Font Roja, Valencia, Granada and Toledo. The program include visit the factories "Olives The Serpis" "Playmobil", "Vossloh" and another importants companies.

We are satisfied with the consolidation of this program in Alcoy, and ensures that such academic relationships with universities at this level confirms that the Campus of Alcoy is attractive to establish collaborations of all kinds, both teaching and research.

Do you want cooperate with Alcoi Campus?

If you are interested in cooperate with us in this way, please send us an email with your summer program propose to Ana Moya, check the Campus International office contact list:

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