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Are you looking for accommodation to study at the Campus d’Alcoi?  

The Campus d’Alcoi provides a free service to students to help them find accommodation that meets their expectations and needs. To do so, the Campus d’Alcoi keeps a database with information about students and individuals offering and requesting shared flats or flats to rent.

The Campus d’Alcoi cannot be held responsible by either of the parties for any issues regarding the conditions of the accommodation, the behaviour of tenants or any failure to comply with payments. Its only intention is to help students with their search and to act as a simple mediator between students and the owners of properties (lessors).

The two parties must reach an agreement on the conditions of the accommodation and on the rent contract. Under no circumstances whatsoever will the Campus d’Alcoi address any complaints related to these matters.

Share a flat

As far as the accommodation is concerned, Alcoy is one of the cheapest places to stay in Spain, and we have a service that a Mentor Student will help you with every need you have, also finding a flat or a room in a Hall of residence.

Incoming students are used to renting the whole flat and share it with othersexchange students. It means that you could rent a single room in a shared flat from 100 to 150 euros per month.

We have helpful tools for searching floor for students, and provide personalized assistance to help you find a home for the duration of your stay in Alcoy.

I give you another link on the EPSA website to find flats.


Hall of residence in Alcoy

Col·legi Major Ovidi Montllor



Street plan of Alcoy    (open in a new windows)


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