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Procedure: Evaluation

The evaluation of the final Master's project will be carried out after its presentation before a court formed by three professors of the ETSII, the courts are rotating, therefore the composition of the same was not known until the day of the defense.

The procedure to be followed will be as follows:

1.- The student, through the application that can be found in Intranet UPV \ Virtual Secretariat \ Final Master's Degree, requests the defense of the TFM (it is essential to have passed all the credits, that the notes are loaded in the file and that there is an open call).
2.- At that time, and if all the documentation is correct, the tutor will receive an email to fill out a report of the TFM (confidential), in which he can propose qualification for it.
3.- When the defense request period is closed, the ETSII will assign the student a defense turn for his TFM. The same will be notified via email to tutor and student.
4.- The student will be assigned the day and time assigned (15 min in advance) to make the defense, after which they will be notified of the grade obtained.

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