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For admission to the Master, the conditions established in Article 16 of RD1393 will be followed in a general manner. Regarding the specific requirements and merit assessment criteria that are indicated in Article 17, the Master of Advanced Production Engineering, Logistics and Supply Chain due to its specialized nature establishes a certain access priority according to the previous degree (in this case from higher to lower priority is established):

1. Industrial Engineers (intensification Management and industrial organization or any equivalent of previous plans)

2. Ingeniero de Organización Industrial

3. Grado Ingeniero Organización Industrial

4. Any international qualification equivalent in contents to the three previous ones (eg some cases of Industrial Engineer in Latin American countries)

5. Industrial Engineers of specialties different from the one previously mentioned in point 1

6. Graduates in Business Administration and Management

7. Any other graduate that meets the legally established requirements.

Professional experience will be considered as a merit in the topics dealt with in the Master, and it could be used to prioritize students with these characteristics regardless of their degree.

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